Cellular Solutions

Cellular Phones • Cellular Broadband • Fleet Management

There are many options when choosing the right cellular business partner. Unlike traditional cellular retail operations, our focus is to align cellular voice and data technology with your other business technology solutions.

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All TEKEASE Cellular Specialists are versed in both cellular and information technology solutions.  We provide the expertise, knowledge, software and hardware solutions to make your cell phones and cellular data solutions work for you.

Our solutions connect your office to your staff, service technicians and fleets


Accept Payments with Your Cellular PhoneMobile Payment Solutions

Cellular Solutions we provide include:

  • Network Redundancy Solutions
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Field Service Management Solutions
  • Billing and Mobile Payment/Credit Card Processing
  • Mobile Time Card and Service Agreements
  • Mobile Point of Sale Solutions
  • Work Orders and Scheduling Solutions
  • SMS Text Messaging Software Solutions
  • Logistics Management Software and Solutions
  • RFID and Asset Management Solutions
  • Vehicle Monitoring Mobile Credit Card Processing Peoria IL
 Cellular Broadband Solutions

TEKEASE helps small businesses converge cellular solutions with all of your other communication tools.  Give us a call at 309.689.8355 or 1.877.693.7566 to discuss the right cellular solutions for your business.