Data Solutions

TEKEASE is a leader in providing best-in-class IT solutions for the small to medium-sized business space. Our products, services and solutions will provide your organization with a single-source solution for all of your information technology and communications needs in an efficient, cost effective and professional manner.

TEKEASE services include sales of new computer and networking equipment, service and support of business computer systems, 24 Hour Emergency Response, onsite technicians, website design and hosting packages, internet and email solutions, website optimization, Google Adwords, maintenance agreements and many other IT services.

Our Personal Computer Malfunction Diagnosticians or technicians are trained to perform any computer repair both remotely or onsite. TEKEASE maintains a vast library of Owner, User, and Technical Manuals for most any computer make or model and for any computer peripheral including, but not limited to, monitors, printers, scanners, external hard drives, keyboards and mice. Even if you’ve lost your original manual, we have it!

In most remote repair cases our clients have the option of being absent during the repair, free to run errands or remain at work, to electronically observe and, in many cases, interact with our technicians. Please read the specific repair description to identify your repair options. If you don’t see a particular repair option, ask us!

Diagnosing & Repairing Hardware Failures

Our technicians are trained to recognize, properly identify, and repair system and hardware failures. We are trained to follow the entire “path” of the failure so that the diagnosis can determine if there exists more than one cause of the hardware failure.

Custom Built Systems and Servers

Our technicians are skilled at engineering custom build computer systems necessary to meet your personal or commercial computing needs. We can build your system specific to your requirements. In fact, our technicians will build your custom computer system on our premises.

E-Mail Configuration

Our technicians are skilled in identifying a variety of email clients and their specific configurations. Application and web-based email clients can be confusing and frustrating to set-up. Let our experienced staff take the headache out of this necessary method of communication. This service can be performed onsite and, in many cases, remotely.

File and Printer Sharing

Our technicians have installed hundreds of printers, both hard wired and wireless. New methods of data transfer, including Bluetooth technology, require specific electronic protocols necessary to achieve proper transmittal. Let our trained technicians take the guesswork out of this complicated process. This service is performed onsite and remotely.

Installing & Upgrading Hardware

Printers, modems, wireless adapters, video cards… the list goes on. Improperly installing such a component can not only damage your system, but could void your computer and parts warranty. We’ve demonstrated again and again that the cost of having computer hardware professionally installed far outweighs the consequences of doing it yourself. This service is performed onsite. For external peripherals a remote install may be possible.

Virus Removal & Protection

The annual cost to the US economy as a result of computer viruses is estimated at more than $10,000,000,000. That’s right: Ten Billion Dollars. One thing is absolutely certain: anyone who ever has experienced the devastation wrought by a computer virus, in the absence of virus protection, never again makes that mistake. Once their computer system has been corrupted, the first thing an affected consumer does is purchase anti-virus software. Often times it is too late and a complete system rebuild is required. We highly recommend our clients purchase their first line of defense, before attack, of virus software.

Adding Devices to Networks

Our technicians specialize in devices that mediate data in a computer network. We will install or repair network equipment including Intermediate systems or Interworking Units. This service generally is performed onsite. Remote service may not be available, and is contingent upon the specific service required.

Server and Workstation Back-ups

Our technicians will establish your backup protocol. Averting headache, data loss, and financial pain are our objectives. Whether it’s tape or CD, remote or Internet based backup, our team will ensure your valuable information is protected against loss. This process will be performed remotely and onsite. In certain remote cases the client will need to be present to attach peripherals (external hard-drives, external CD components and tape backup equipment).

Computer Training

Our technicians are trained to teach you how to operate your computer system, peripheral device, or network. Whether it’s how to install a computer program, print documents and photos, send email, or operate a webcam, we will guide you through the step-by-step processes necessary to enjoy your computer. This service is performed onsite and, depending upon your particular set-up, remotely.

Data Recovery

Our technicians are trained to recover data that otherwise may seem lost due to system crash, file corruption, or loss of a backup. Every effort is made to recover your lost data utilizing specialized tools and software. If a technician can remotely connect to your system an onsite service call is unnecessary. However, in most cases a technician will be dispatched to your residence or place of business. If your data is lost, if your system crashes, it is imperative you contact us as quickly as possible to mitigate the complete loss of data.

Data Transfers

Our technicians have been trained in data transfer. Whether you are moving information from one system to another, or need to share information with offsite users, our staff will establish a safe and secure method of transferring your important data. This process will be performed onsite and, in many cases, remotely.

Configuring Internet Connections

Our technicians know how to establish Internet connections. We ensure that your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) connection protocols are properly configured so that you can soon be “online”. We also specialize in home and commercial wireless networking. Ask us! This service can be performed onsite and remotely.

New Computer/Software Installation and Configuration

Our technicians go beyond removing your system and plugging in all the cords. We test and retest every connection so that when we leave you are assured that your system is operating as the manufacturer advertised. Best performed onsite at the client’s home or place of business. In many cases we can remotely configure and set-up your system.

Operating System Repairs

Our technicians are well schooled in a variety of Operating Systems, and no two are the same. When your Operating System fails, your whole system is inoperable. Our technicians will attempt to repair your Operating System through a careful diagnosis process that may include system and software updates. If a new Operating System is necessary our technicians can describe for you the benefits of different systems. This service is best performed onsite, especially if your system has completely crashed.

Password Recovery

Our technicians carry powerful computer programs that are designed to recover lost passwords. Your best course of action is to contact TEKEASE as soon as possible after being locked out of your computer, a document, spreadsheet, or any other password protected file. Attempts to penetrate a password protected computer or file could compromise the integrity of your system, resulting in a loss of important information or complete system failure. This service can be performed onsite and remotely.