Care Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a discount if I pay yearly?

If you choose, you may pay for your service plan on an annual basis on a single computer plan. As a bonus, we will give you one FREE month of service when you pay annually. That's 12 months of coverage for the price of 11. Subject to the terms and conditions of the plan.

Will you install a program I received from a friend or my employeer?

TEKEASE technicians will help you install any software which is properly licensed to you. As our terms of service state, "Only owner-licensed software will be installed or re-installed by a TEKEASE technician. Specialty installations, including but not limited to enterprise software...are excluded."

Q: What is enterprise software?
A: Enterprise software is software supplied to you from your employer. We are not permitted to install any software which you are not the licensed owner. If your employer allows you to have their software on your computer, you should contact the IT Department or System Administrator at your employer for assistance with installation. We are explicitly prohibited from installing employer email clients, VPN connectivity software or any other software for which you do not have a valid license key in your name.

Is there anything not covered by the plan?

Generally speaking all repair services are covered under the terms and conditions of the client's selected plan. However, if the client through his/her own actions causes any repeated physical damage to the operating system, client data or system hardware due to negligence, lack of knowledge or inexperience, the repair may is not covered under the service plan and the plan may be terminated at TEKEASE sole discretion.

Clients are strongly encouraged to utilize their service when they come up against a problem they do not have the skills or training to fix. An example would be the client attempts to do a system restore but inadvertently does a system recovery. If not done correctly, the system recovery could wipe all of the clients data, making it unrecoverable.

Does my plan include computer or software training?

While we do provide computer training separately, the TEKEASE Care Plans do not provide comprehensive computer training.

We are here to help. If you have a simple question that doesn't require us to show you how to accomplish the task, we are always happy to answer those questions. These are generally questions we can answer without having to show you how to do it procedurally.

If your question is more complex and requires us to demonstrate or walk you through it, it falls under training. Training is not included or provided under ANY TEKEASE Care Plan.

If you need computer or software training you should schedule a remote or on-site training call. On-Site and Remote Training Service is billed at higher rate and is not part of your plan. You do however receive a discount for the service in accordance with the plan you participate in.

Examples of training vs. support question:

Can you show me how to save a document? SUPPORT / COVERED UNDER PLAN TERMS
Can you show me how to remove a virus? TRAINING
Can you show me how to send an email? SUPPORT / COVERED UNDER PLAN TERMS
What do all these buttons in my email client do? TRAINING
How do I reset my Windows password? SUPPORT / COVERED UNDER PLAN TERMS
How do I backup my Outlook PST file? TRAINING
How do I scan my computer for virus or malware? SUPPORT / COVERED UNDER PLAN TERMS
How do I clean my system registry? TRAINING

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the client repeatedly opens tickets for the same exact support question, technician may determine the client needs training. Repeatedly requesting assistance for the same exact support question is classified as abuse of the TEKEASE Care Plan Service and may result in subscription termination by TEKEASE.

Do I have to pay a baseline fee for a new computer?

If you purchase your new computer from TEKEASE and want to add it to your Care Plan, we waive the baseline fee. However, if you purchased your computer from another company and wish to add it to your plan, it must be baselined and the baseline fee paid prior to adding it to the plan. The baseline does many things. Most importantly it is our verification the system doesn't have serious problems. Unfortunately, even brand new computers can have serious problems.

My son/daughter is away at college, can you cover their computer

If your son or daughter normally resides at home, but is away attending a university or college, the system may be covered under the plan. If your son or daughter does not return home when college is not in session, unfortunately we are unable to cover the computer on the Primary Care plan. However, we do allow you to move your son or daughters computer to a separate TEKEASE Secure Plan or TEKEASE Basic Plan without paying a new baseline fee if the system has been previously baselined.

How many computers are covered?

TEKEASE Primary Care Plan can cover multiple household computers. All computers must be baselined to be eligible for coverage under the plan.

Do I get anything if I refer someone?

If you refer someone to TEKEASE, and they sign up for a plan equal or greater to the plan you are on, you will receive one FREE month. There is NO LIMIT to the number of FREE MONTHS you may receive. Essentially, if you are on the Primary Care Plan, and you refer 12 new clients who sign-up for the same plan within a calendar year. You would receive 12 months of service for FREE. Subject to all other plan terms and conditions.

The referred individual must specifically tell us when they complete their sign-up to the plan. If the new customer doesn't provide your name at sign-up, we are unable to process the referral reward.

Plan Upgrades and Downgrades

You can always upgrade your TEKEASE Care Plan without penalty. However, if choose to downgrade your Care Plan before the end of your initial twelve (12) month term, you would be required to pay an early termination fee of the higher cost plan. This is equal to 50% of the monthly recurring rate for the higher Service Package multiplied by the months remaining in the initial term. Upon payment of your early termination fee, you would be eligible to continue your service on a lower plan rate. Service would be on a month to month basis as your early termination penalty is recognized as completing your initial term.

If you choose to downgrade your plan, you will not be charged a new baseline fee as long as your covered systems have remained under continuous care.

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