Diagnosis and Repair

TEKEASE provides extensive diagnosis and repair services. We have the tools and expertise to determine the cause of your system crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or Internet problems. Upon completion of a consult and diagnosis, your technicians will repair the uncovered issues.

This includes software repair and spyware/virus spyware removal and provide you with a fully optimized computer. The speed and performance of your system will operate at its greatest capacity. This level of service includes:

  • Using approved TEKEASE diagnostic tools
  • Repair of all operating system issues like boot problems, and blue screens
  • Removal of all spyware and system viruses
  • Repair, defragmentation and optimization of system registry
  • Removal of unwanted/unneeded programs
  • Application of operating system and software updates as required
  • Thorough test of operating system for proper functionality
  • Physical cleaning of the system inside and out
  • Estimate for system upgrades and repairs if requested Call 309.689.8355

Note: If the technicians determines the most appropriate solution for your system troubles is a complete system rebuild, the client is responsible for providing restore/recovery disc(s), operating system discs and software serial numbers if needed.

All TEKEASE Services have a 30-day labor warranty and our Total Satisfaction Guarantee!