Computer Tune Up

A Computer Tune Up and PC Checkup should be done twice a year.  We recommend your system be optimized and cleaned inside and out regularly. Our PC Tune-Up will do this and more.

Computer Tune-Up

If you are tired of your PC’s sluggish performance, it’s time for a TEKEASE PC Tune-up. TEKEASE technicians will use our proprietary set of performance-boosting diagnostics  and tools to maximize the performance of your system.

  • Removes spyware, adware and malware
  • Makes hard-drives run faster, better
  • Installs correct updates for your hardware
  • Optimize Windows System by running a series of tests on your system.
  • Checks to ensure every component of your system is performing correctly.
  • Clean up Internet debris including temporary and Internet files.
  • Examine Windows booting issues.Call for Computer Check-up Service - Peoria IL Computer Repair
  • Removal of unnecessary programs loading into memory.
  • Diagnose and maximizing of security protection levels.
  • Check system for latest operating system patches.
  • Clean up operating system environment.
  • Adjust settings to optimize computing environment.
  • Recommend any upgrades.
  • Memory installation is FREE of charge when purchased at the time of PC Check-Up.

You will feel like you have a brand new computer again.