Windows Reinstall

The Windows Reinstall process can be complicated. Ensuring you preserve your data, software, valuable pictures email are but a few concerns.  Done correctly, the process takes between four and eight hours.

Windows Renew by TEKEASE

TEKEASE proprietary Windows Renew Service will eliminate 99% of all computer problems (including viruses, spyware, adware, corrupt files, missing drivers, and more. It will also increase your computer’s performance, extend your computer’s life, and provide faster internet browsing.

  • Clean inside/outside of your computer case
  • Backup all your personal files, drivers, and email
  • Professionally erase and restructure your hard drive
  • Reload a fresh copy of your Windows System
  • Apply all of the latest Windows security updates
  • Defragment and optimize your computer’s hard drive
  • Install all printers, scanners, etc.
  • Setup and optimize your internet and email accounts
  • Re-install existing software programs
  • Perform a “Computer Tune-Up” (see details below)

Computer Tune-Up

For systems with slow performance and/or experiencing a few minor problems, our computer tune-up will fix 70% of all problems and help prevent serious issues from arising in the future (similar to getting your car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles).Call 309.689.8355

  • Defragment and optimize the computer’s hard drive
  • Locate and fix any missing or corrupt drivers
  • Test computer’s RAM for errors
  • Scan, remove and patch any existing viruses
  • Apply all of the latest Windows security updates
  • Remove all junk and obsolete files
  • Clean System Registry
  • Optimize Internet connection speeds