Mission Statement

We want to fuel a technology service revolution which advocates for the pursuit of delivering high-quality service and meaningful results. We believe in high-quality, environmentally friendly, socially conscious products, services and technology repair solutions. We believe in helping people understand their technology and overcome technophobias; to inform, educate and assist others with all aspects of their technology.

TEKEASE Core Values

Our core values begin by inspecting what we expect. Our core values represent and reflect the belief system of TEKEASE, our employees, partners and affiliates. These values are the underpinning of our company culture and we are committed to upholding these values for our life-span.

  • Provide Our Clients with the Highest Quality Products and Services
  • Satisfy and Delight Our Clients
  • To Help Our Clients and Team Grow Their Intellectual Capital at Every Opportunity
  • Take Care of Our Clients, Take Care of Each Other and Make Money
  • Support Team Member Happiness and Excellence
  • Create Winning Partnerships with Our Suppliers
  • To Partner and Affiliate Only with Companies Who Share Our Values


At TEKEASE, we align our management strategy to a consistent set of business principles and practices. In doing so, we remain committed to: Our Clients – We make it our number one responsibility to focus on meeting the unique business needs of small and medium-sized businesses the world over. Our aim to achieve client service excellence is delivered through our distinct “global reach and local touch”. We seek to stay informed about the latest developments and challenges facing the Internet industry in order to educate our clients on the most profitable ways to benefit from its business potential.


In keeping with our objective to be consistently perceived as good corporate citizens, we endeavor to continuously learn about and respect the local culture, customs and best practices in all regions where we operate our business. We accept our share in the responsibility of providing the world with new advancements. The Environment – TEKEASE is committed to preserving the environment in every aspect of our business through the programs we provide, leveraging technology to train our clients and minimizing travel and waste whenever possible.


We will always remember that we are a service company. Our service culture is rooted in the practice of ethical behavior, the propagation of trust and the encouragement of teamwork. Each and every member of our value chain is held in the highest esteem as a part of whom we are today and who we strive to be tomorrow. Through unquestionable honesty, openness, fairness and respect, we will endeavor to win the trust and loyalty of our clients. Our continuing aim is to go beyond simply responding to their needs. To anticipate and exceed their expectations is what we consider a worthy achievement.


At TEKEASE, we always strive to ensure the highest caliber of affiliates with the potential and aptitude that is required to keep pace with the dynamic and exciting nature of the Internet. In every aspect of our business we encourage entrepreneurship and a drive to succeed. We do this in keeping with our mission to simplify the Internet and serve the growing needs of small and medium-sized businesses globally. A strong entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to excel through innovation and continuous learning are paramount to the success of TEKEASE