• Do I get a discount if I pay yearly?

    If you choose, you may pay for your service plan on an annual basis on a single computer plan. As a bonus, we will give you one FREE month of service when you pay annually. That’s 12 months of coverage for the price of 11. Subject to the terms and conditions of the plan.

  • Will you install a program I received from a friend or my employeer?

    TEKEASE technicians will help you install any software which is properly licensed to you. As our terms of service state, “Only owner-licensed software will be installed or re-installed by a TEKEASE technician. Specialty installations, including but not limited to enterprise software…are excluded.” Q: What is enterprise software? A: Enterprise software is software supplied to you […]

  • Is there anything not covered by the plan?

    Generally speaking all repair services are covered under the terms and conditions of the client’s selected plan. However, if the client through his/her own actions causes any repeated physical damage to the operating system, client data or system hardware due to negligence, lack of knowledge or inexperience, the repair may is not covered under the […]

  • Does my plan include computer or software training?

    While we do provide computer training separately, the TEKEASE Care Plans do not provide comprehensive computer training. We are here to help. If you have a simple question that doesn’t require us to show you how to accomplish the task, we are always happy to answer those questions. These are generally questions we can answer […]

  • Do I have to pay a baseline fee for a new computer?

    If you purchase your new computer from TEKEASE and want to add it to your Care Plan, we waive the baseline fee. However, if you purchased your computer from another company and wish to add it to your plan, it must be baselined and the baseline fee paid prior to adding it to the plan. […]

  • Do I get anything if I refer someone?

    If you refer someone to TEKEASE, and they sign up for a plan equal or greater to the plan you are on, you will receive one FREE month. There is NO LIMIT to the number of FREE MONTHS you may receive. Essentially, if you are on the Primary Care Plan, and you refer 12 new […]

  • Plan Upgrades and Downgrades

    You can always upgrade your TEKEASE Care Plan without penalty. However, if choose to downgrade your Care Plan before the end of your initial twelve (12) month term, you would be required to pay an early termination fee of the higher cost plan. This is equal to 50% of the monthly recurring rate for the […]