Adware and other Malicious Software

is software which is supported by specific internet advertisers. Most commonly the installation of the software results in endless pop-up type advertisements which display over your internet browser. This is particularly common when you have pop-up blocking software running but still seem to get unwanted pop-ups. There are several useful free tools available to help combat the unwanted advertising.

We recommend using software like , and (a.k.a. ). The free version is nearly as effective as the paid version of these programs. You should only download the software from trusted sites like the suppliers actual website or from Adware falls into the category of potentially dangerous as it is usually collecting vast amounts of information about your Internet browsing habits and behavior. The more information the software collects, the more accurately placed the ads will be to the types of things you seem to be most interested in. This is why adware can fall into the category of spyware. Here is what you need to remember:

  1. Never install any software from the Internet unless you know the source to be very reliable. As we tell our clients “If you don’t know…the answer is no!™
  2. Do not use freeware file sharing programs to download music, software and otherwise paid for Internet merchandise. Not only is it likely illegal, it is very dangerous. You have no way of knowing if the files being downloaded are infected.
  3. Do not assume an attachment from a friend or family member is safe. FAMSPAM™ is one of the leading causes of passing malicious software. Scan everything you download with a trusted anti-virus software before you open it.
  4. Don’t forward spam to your friends. Yes, those dogs are cute and yes the soldiers appreciate your support, but many of these emails are very infected and dangerous.
  5. Don’t click on links in emails. URL Masking is a method used by spammers to make you think you are going to a specific website when in fact you are going to another. For example, click on this link to go to . Don’t worry it is safe. We simply want to demonstrate the danger.

If you get infected and need help removing adware, spyware, malware, scareware or another virus, call TEKEASE at 309.689.8355 or schedule service by clicking .