Trial Software • How to Save Some Money

Perhaps you have recently discovered some new software on the net which will make your life easier. If the company provides a free trial and you decide to purchase it, we recommend you consider uninstalling the software before you actually buy it.

Say again?  Yes, many online software vendors will give you a far better deal if they think you are going to stop using the software. Some times 50% off or more!

Here is how it works…

  1. You download and try the software.
  2. You decide to buy the program.
  3. You uninstall the program and it takes you to a website saying they are “Sorry to see you go…and they would like to keep you.”  This is where they will provide a discount code to use or a special link to buy the software at a discount.
  4. You follow the link or use the code and save some money.

Some Caution: Sometimes, the vendor may entice you to get the software for FREE if you do something like try another program. This is not the same thing and we do not recommend you doing so. What you are looking for is a specific discount code or special purchase link.  If they don’t provide one, and you still want the software, just go back to their website and purchase the software as normal.  Also, only purchase software from trusted websites. Never enter your personal information or credit card information on a website without an HTTPS (Secure Connection).  We recommend purchasing from companies which use PayPal and Google Checkout for order processing.