Service Provider Invoicing

So you are starting up your small business and confused about which accounting package is right for you. Knowing which accounting package is right for you can be a complex decision. Quickbooks is an outstanding program if you’re looking for an accounting program that is a total solution. However, for a new small business software accounting systems can be a big investment.

When you decided on an accounting package, it is essential to understand your needs now and in the future. Ask youself if the accounting package will grow with your business. Be sure you understand the portability of the data, should you decide to move to a different accounting package later on down the road.

If you are just getting started, and you are looking for simplicity and affordability, Freshbooks, a completely online accounting system, may be right for you. Freshbooks is an extremely simple and easy to use online invoicing program which provides many bells and whistles accounting tools which are standard with QuickBooks. With FreshBooks, the focus is on keeping everything simple and the programs core functions are based on the basics like creating estimates or proposals, issuing payments and sending invoices.