Sync Outlook to Google Calendar

Google ended support and availability of Google Sync in August 2014.   While unconfirmed, Google still makes Google Sync Application available for Paid Business and Education users of the GMAIL platform.   Click here to see the Google Sync End of Life Announcement.

Google Sync allowed users to sync their Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar quite easily.   So, if you are looking for a way to sync your Microsoft Exchange Calendar to Google Calendar you are likely frustrated.  While there are many articles and paid applications which allege to sync your Exchange Calendar to Google Calendar, we were looking for something that worked reliably and didn’t cost very much.


The good news is, there is an Open Source FREE tool called Go Contact Sync Mod which is available on SourceForge which can quickly be installed on your desktop to facilitate one-way or two-way sync between Outlook and Google Calendar.  The application will also sync contacts between Outlook and Google if you desire.

Link to Go Contact Sync Mod on Sourceforge is available at:

More information about the Go Contact Sync Module is available at: