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Don’t SPAM

So you received an email from a trusted friend.  The email subject reads “This has been verified on Snoops.com!”  First, before you hit the forward button…hit the delete button.  Most of these emails start from the very folks who make malware and virus software.  99% of these are scare tactics.

You should also be very careful when searching the Internet for information about viruses. Doing so will often lead your computer to the path of infection. There are reputable locations to learn about current virus threats, but we don’t consider Snoops to be among them. If you absolutely must do some research, we recommend some of the sites below.

Learn more about the latest email and virus hoax information at SOPHOS

  1. Microsoft Malware Protection Center
  2. Symantec Security Response Team
  3. Wikipedia for a List of Known Viruses